A graduate assistantship is available for August 2015 or January 2016 to work on aspects of root and mycorrhizal fungal ecology in vineyards (https://ecosystems.psu.edu/research/labs/root-ecology/graduates). The work is in the context of better managing vineyards with cover crops with a particular focus on how competing herbaceous vegetation affects deep root function of the grapevines. Interested students should have a B.S. in biology, ecology or a plant-related field, undergraduate research experience and a strong desire to study belowground processes and learn about viticulture. This assistantship is intended primarily for a M.S. student but exceptional PhD candidates will be considered. If interested, please send a letter of interest and a C.V. that includes GPA and GRE test scores to David Eissenstat, dme9@psu.edu and Michela Centinari (mzc22@psu.edu). Information on the InterCollege Graduate Program in Ecology at Penn State can be found at: http://www.huck.psu.edu/education/ecology and the graduate program in Horticulture at: resolveuid/e62c5408570c6a945577661be8da177d.