William Lamont, Jr., Ph.D.

  • Emeritus Professor of Vegetable Crops
William Lamont, Jr., Ph.D.


  1. PhD., Vegetable Crops, Cornell University, 1981
  2. M.S., Vegetable Crops, Cornell University, 1979
  3. B.S., Delaware Valley College, 1975
  4. B.S., Lebanon Valley College, 1967

Extension Programs

  • Crop Management Systems for Potatoes and Vegetables

Research Interests:

  • Integrated crop management practices for potatoes/vegetables.
  • Evaluation of various water delivery and management systems for potatoes/vegetable crops.
  • Effects of micro-environmental modification on growth and development of vegetables.
  • Sustainable agricultural practices for potato/vegetable production.

Recent Publications:

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  • Lamont, W.J., M.D. Orzolek, and B. Dye. 2002. "Production of Drip Irrigated Potatoes Affected by Plastic Mulches and Row Covers". Journal of Vegetable Crop Production. 8(2):39-47.
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Research Interests