Penn State is committed to developing and sustaining a green campus. In such, all new buildings will utilize green technologies and many will have green roofs. The Office of the Physical Plant has been proactive in applying our research and promoting green roof technologies as one solution to storm water management issues on our campus.

Currently, there are four large scale green roofs on campus, Forest Resources Building, Student Health Center, Dickinson Law School, and the Root Cellar behind Tyson Building.

There is another green roof under construction on The Millennium Science Center and several more under consideration for future construction projects. In addition there is a green roof on the Carlisle campus.

Forest Resources Building

Specs: 4,700ft of green roof. Viewable from a deck surrounded by intensive roof plantings

Root Cellar

Specs: 4,500ft of green roof divided into 6 separate sections installed in 2006/2007

Student Health Center

Specs: 12,500ft of green roof. Viewable from the Eisenhower Parking Garage and some offices - no public access.

Dickinson School of Law

Specs: 22,000ft of green roof. Not viewable - No public access.