Faculty and students working on green roofs at Penn State make use of many facilities on and off campus. On campus, the Root Cellar has a 4,500 square feet roof that is used for monitoring runoff and evaluating green roof plants and the Forest Resources Building has a 4,700 square feet demonstration and display roof. The horticulture greenhouses include facilities for plant growth and a weighing lysimeter system that allows precise measurements of water loss from green roof media and plants. The facilities at Rock Springs include seven small buildings, four with green roofs, and three used as controls in experiments. There are also several test plots in Harrisburg which are used to analyze water runoff quality of green roofs.

Horticulture Greenhouses
Rock Springs Research Site

Specs: 560 square ft of roof on 7 small buildings. 416 square feet of green roofs and 144 feet of control roofs.