Synthetic Turf Research @ Penn State

Surface Temperature

Surface Temperature

Penn State Studies

2015 PSU Center for Sports Surface Research The Effect of irrigation on synthetic turf - surface temperature, soccer ball roll, traction — progress report Read It Here
2012 Serensits and McNitt Synthetic turf heat evaluation — progress report Read It Here
2011 Serensits Is there any way to cool synthetic turf? Read It Here
2007 McNitt, et al. Temperature amelioration of synthetic turf surfaces through irrigation Read It here
2004 McNitt, et al. Synthetic turf temperatures Read It Here

Other Studies

2014 Petrass, et al. Understanding how the components of a synthetic turf system contribute to increased surface temperature Read It Here
2014 Thoms, et al. Models for predicting surface temperatures on synthetic turf playing surfaces Read It Here
2010 Yaghoobian, et al. Modeling the thermal effects of artificial turf on the urban environment Read It Here
2009 NY Department of Environmental Conservation An assessment of chemicals leaching, releases to air, and temperature of crumb rubber infilled synthetic turf fields Read It Here
2007 Devitt, et al. Surface temperature, heat loading and spectral reflectance of artificial turfgrass Read It here
2002 Williams and Pulley Synthetic surface heat studies Read It Here