Ongoing research projects:

Fine-tuning nitrogen recommendations for corn production
We are harnessing remote sensing technology and the power of machine learning models to predict corn nitrogen fertilization needs. This project builds on the current Penn State's Corn Nitrogen Tool

Updating soybean maturity group recommendations in Pennsylvania
With the changing climate, should I switch to a different soybean maturity group? We are conducting on-farm trials around the state to evaluate the performance of different maturity groups and keep our recommendations up-to-date.

Timing soybean harvest
A timely harvest is critical to avoid late-season yield and grain quality losses in soybeans. We are participating in a multi-state project to understand the physiological basis for late-season issues like green stem and determine the harvest time that maximizes profits for PA soybean producers.   

Hemp: fiber production and PFAS phytoremediation   
We are evaluating the potential of different hemp varieties and production practices to produce fibers for textile production and remediate soils contaminated with PFAS.

Growing organic oats for Pennsylvania food markets
Stemmed from local industry needs, this project investigates best agronomic practices to produce organic, food grade spring oats in Pennsylvania.