Below a made a list of links to root related simulation models and modelers. I don't claim the list to be exhaustive and would be very pleased if visitors would suggest other links.

Architectural Root Models

ROOTMAP, Australian, Art Diggle, Vanessa Dunbabin, Robert van Hugten

RootTyp, French, Claude Doussan, Loïc Pagès, this group published many papers and wrote several models.

Root Module in Hydrus 3d, USA, Jan Hopmans, Jirka Šimunek

Crop Models

DSSAT, Gerrit Hoogenboomd many others

Other Modeling References

Simulation models database: "Modelbase System: A Distributed Model Database on The Internet"

Virtual Plants


Vanessa Dunbabin

Claude Doussan, Loïc Pagès

Jan Hopmans, Jirka Šimunek

Hans Lambers

Gerrit Hoogenboom