1. Germinate the seeds in the paper rolls for 7 days. The first 3 days the seeds are put in the germination chamber under the temperature of 28 ° Celsius. The third day plants can be placed outside of the growth chamber to capture light and photosynthesize for better early growth. On the 7th day roots are harvested and stored in plastic snap cap vials filled with an ethanol solution for later root analysis. For samples from the field, during the extracting process, the roots are excavated from the soil and gently washed from soil particles, then put in plastic vials with an ethanol solution.

2. Store roots in 50% ethanol in a cold room or freezer prior to analysis.

Figure 1. Seed germination in incubator at 28 degrees C.
Figure 2. Root excavation from field
Figure 3. Root cleaning with distilled water
Figure 4. Root preservation with ethanol solution