Former graduate students, visiting scholars, staff

Jitender Giri - visiting Scholar (faculty) from National Institute of Plant Genome Research, India

Moshe Silberbush - visiting Professor from Ben-Gurion U. of the Negev, Israel

Gustavo Da Silveira - Visiting Scholar and Post-Doc, 2016

Yong Wang "Cici" - visiting Scholar (faculty at Northeast Normal U., China)

Amy Burton - PhD student (now at Bayer CropScience)

Annette Dathe - Postdoctoral Scholar (Norwegian University of the Life Sciences)

Celestina Jochua - PhD student (now at IIAM Mozambique)

Curtis Frederick - Research Agronomist (now Univ. Wisconsin graduate student)

Jie Wu - Visiting Scholar from China Agricultural University, Beijing

Jouke Postma - PhD Student (now at Forschungzentrum Juelich)

Karine Batista - visiting scholar, Brazil (PhD student)

Katy Barlow - MS Student (now PhD student in the Mortensen Lab at Penn State)

Magalhaes Amade Miguel - PhD Student (now at IIAM Mozambique)

Renato Domiciano Silva Rosado - Visiting Scholar (now at Geneze Sementes S/A, Brazil)

Samuel Trachsel - Postdoctoral Scholar (now at CIMMYT)

Soares Xerinda - PhD student (now at IIAM Mozambique)

Virginia Chisale - Master's student (now at IIAM Mozambique)

Xiaoli Tian - Visiting Professor (College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, Beijing)

Amelia Henry - PhD student (now at IRRI , Phillipines), 2008

Chaochun Zhang - Visiting Scholar (China Agricultural University, Beijing)

Jinming Zhu - Postdoctoral Scholar (now with Grassroots Biotechnology / Monsanto)

Raul Jaramillo - PhD student (now at IPNI)

Yingzhi Gao - visiting scholar (professor, Northeast Normal University, China)

Sergio Goncalves - visiting scholar and professor (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EMBRAPA - National Soybean Research Center, Londrina / Paraná / Brazil)

Peng Liu - visiting scholar (professor at Shandong Agricultural University)

Ai Zhan - visiting scholar (Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University, China - PhD student)

Jeanette Bayuelo-Jiminez - PhD student and visiting scholar (now professor at Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Morelia, Mexico)

Denise Fernando - visiting scholar, botany professor at LaTrobe University, Bundoora, Australia

Bo Hu - visiting scholar (now at Fertilizer Developer of National SCRF Research Center, Linshu, Shandong province, China)

Eric Nord - PhD and postdoctoral scholar (now biology professor at Greenville College, IL)

Hye-Ji Kim - PhD student (now faculty at Purdue U., IN)

Melissa Ho - PhD student (now Senior Policy Advisor at USAID, Bureau for Food Security)

Sam Camilo - MS student (now at IIAM Mozambique)

Sam St. Clair - PhD student (now at Brigham Young University)

Larry York - PhD student (now postdoc at Univ of Nottingham, UK), 2014

Joseph Chimungu - PhD student (now at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Bunda campus, Malawi)

Patompong (Khwan) Saengwilae - PhD Student (now professor at Mahidol University, Thailand)

Phanchita (Nan) Vejchasarn - PhD student (now at Ubonratchathani Rice Research Center, Rice Dept of Thailand), 2014

Baoru Sun - Visiting scholar (Ph.D. student at Northeast Normal Univeristy, China), 2017

Jia Xucun - Visiting scholar (Ph.D. student at Shangdong Ag University, China), 2016

Zhiyong Zhang - Visiting scholar (professor at Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China), 2017

Mohamed Hazman - Visiting scholar (Agricultural Research Center (ARC) and Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI), Giza, Egypt), 2017

Tania Galindo-Castañeda - PhD student, 2018

Kemo Jin - Visiting scholar (post-doc at China Agricultural University), 2016-18

Tian Tian - Visiting scholar (PhD student, now at State Academy of Forestry Administration), 2016-18

Correntin Clement - Visiting scholar (PhD student at National School of Agronomical Sciences of Bordeaux, France), 2018-19

Ivan Lopez Valdivia - Visiting scholar (Master's student at LANGEBIO, Mexico), 2018

Jirawat (March) Salungyu - Visiting scholar (PhD student at Mahidol University, Thailand), 2018-19

Christopher Black - Post-doc on DEEPER Project, crop modeling with OpenSimRoot, 2018-2020

Dorien VanHees - PhD Student, Nottingham University, 2016-2020