Basal Root Architecture and Drought Tolerance in Common Bean

We propose to research two new root traits for drought tolerance, Basal Root Growth Angle (BRGA) plasticity in response to soil stress, and Basal Root Whorl Number (BRWN).

BREAD 2013

An investigation into the utility of anatomical root traits for drought tolerance yielded novel insights in maize physiology and high-throughput phenotyping.

Generation of New Crop Varieties and Cropping Systems Adapted to the Stressful Soils of Eastern and Southern Africa (URBC)

Development of the Ukulima Root Biology Center as a research platform for generation of new crop varieties and cropping systems adapted to the stressful soils of eastern and southern Africa.

Genetic control of root architecture

The long-term goal of this project is to use genome-wide approaches to identify genes responsible for root system architecture (RSA) traits.

Improving Bean Production in Drought-Prone, Low Fertility Soils of Africa and Latin America – An Integrated Approach

Recent developments in our understanding of root function will allow us to breed new bean varieties for drought prone areas with poor soil fertility.

Improving water acquisition in maize with root traits that reduce the metabolic cost of soil exploration

We propose to employ recent discoveries in root biology to develop maize varieties with enhanced acquisition of soil resources by exploiting genetic variation for root traits that reduce the metabolic cost of soil exploration.

International Atomic Energy Agency
Manganese Toxicity and Oxidative Stress in Trees of the Eastern Forest
McKnight Foundation Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP)
Research on Phosphorus
Root Competition

Much of the research of this lab has implications for the ecological understanding of plant competition mediated by roots.

Roots of the Brown Revolution, Howard G Buffett Foundation

Understanding the physiological and genetic basis of root traits enhancing water acquisition by plants to enable the breeding of more stress tolerant crops

Feed the Future

This is the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Climate Resilient Beans, a USAID project led by principle investigator Dr. Jonathan Lynch at Penn State. The project is titled "An Integrated Program to Accelerate Breeding of Resilient, More Productive Beans for Smallholder Farmers".