Goulart, B.L.; Schroeder, M.L.; Demchak, K.; Lynch, J.P.; Clark, J.R.; Darnell, R.L.; Wilcox, W.F.


Acta Horticulturae, Issue No.346, p.230-239 (1993)

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Current knowledge on the role of mycorrhizae in Vaccinium spp. is summarized. Survey data from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan, USA, indicated that higher levels of mycorrhizae exist in both native and commercial plantings than had previously been reported for other locations in the USA. In a separate experiment, nitrogen supplied either as urea (60 lb actual N/A) or as a slow release formulation, suppressed mycorrhizal development. The level of mycorrhizal infection was higher in the fine feeder roots close to the crown than in the medial or apical portions of the root.