Bates, T.R.; Lynch, J.P.


American Journal of Botany, Volume 87, Issue 7, p.958-963 (2000)

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Arabidopsis thaliana root hairs grow longer and denser in response to low-phosphorus availability. We tested the hypothesis that wild-type Arabidopsis would acquire more phosphorus under phosphorus-limiting conditions than mutants that do not have the root hair response. The growth and phosphorus acquisition of wild-type Arabidopsis (WS) were compared to two root hair mutants ( rhd6 and rhd2 ) under eight phosphorus treatments ranging from 0.4 mmol/m 3 to 54 mmol/m 3 phosphorus. At the lowest phosphorus treatment, all plants were small and showed severe phosphorus stress symptoms. At 1.5 mmol/m 3 phosphorus, WS plants had greater shoot biomass, absolute growth rate, total phosphorus, and specific phosphorus absorption than the two root hair mutants. At the highest phosphorus treatment, there was no difference between genotypes in any of the parameters measured. We conclude that the response of increased root hair growth under low phosphorus availability in Arabidopsis is important in increasing phosphorus acquisition under phosphorus-limiting conditions.