Rubio, G.; Walk, T.; Zhenyang, G.; Yan, X.; Hong, L.; Lynch, J.P.


Annals of Botany, Academic Press, Volume 88, Issue 5, UK, p.929-940 (2001)

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The impact of root architecture on competition for P among neighbouring Phaseolus vulgaris plants was evaluated using cultivars DOR 364 and G19833. The magnitude of competition among roots of the same plants vs. roots of neighbouring plants were also studied. The presence of neighbours did not affect the general pattern of radial distribution of basal roots. The combinations of roots of the same architectures resulted in more intense interplant competition. The deep-deep and shallow-shallow root combinations showed the most intense competition whereas the combination of 2 deep roots resulted in an overlap of almost 10%. When the same deep root system competed with a shallow root system the overlap was reduced by half.