Bouma, T.J.; Nielsen, K.L.; Eissenstat, D.M.; Lynch, J.P.


Plant, Cell and Environment, Volume 20, Issue 12, p.1495-1505 (1997)

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The effects of short- and long-term exposure to soil CO 2 on root respiration and growth of Phaseolus vulgaris and Citrus volkameriana were investigated. Respiration rate of citrus root was unaffected by CO 2 concentration used during the respiration measurements (200 and 2000 micro mol mol -1 ), regardless of the soil CO 2 concentration in the previous month (600 and 20000 micro mol mol -1 ). P. vulgaris plants were grown with their roots exposed to either a natural CO 2 diffusion gradient, or to an artificially maintained CO 2 concentration of 600 or 20000 micro mol mol -1 . These treatments did not affect shoot or root growth. Growth respiration and maintenance respiration of P. vulgaris roots were also unaffected by CO 2 pretreatment and the CO 2 concentration used during the respiration measurements (200-2000 micro mol mol -1 ). It is concluded that soilCO 2 concentrations in the range likely to be encountered in natural soils do not affect root respiration in citrus or P. vulgaris .