Research Projects

Research projects within the Department of Plant Science at Penn State.

This research project is completed! This internship was designed for students and faculty to study agroecology on working farms and gain a whole-farm perspective of some farms in the diverse agricultural landscape of Pennsylvania.

The goal of our program is to conduct research studies to assess the adaptability of new crops for Pennsylvania grain production. We strive to assess potential varieties and management practices to help develop recommendations for producers interested in growing these crops. Our evaluations on small to medium scale are designed to help grain and crop growers avoid costly experimentation on the field scale.

This research focuses on all aspects of roadside vegetation management, using an Integrated Vegetation Management approach. The aim is to preserve as much desirable vegetation as possible while minimizing undesirable vegetation and maintaining a desirable aesthetic, within the confines of limited resources.

We work with land managers to preserve unique plant communities and create and maintain high-value habitats. Our work includes invasive plant species management planning and training, research on suppressing invasive species and release and establishment of native plant species, and development of technical and training publications.