Wildland Weed Management

We work with public lands, private landowners, practitioners, and researchers to manage natural landscapes for their best ecological value. Invasive weeds impact nearly all compromised natural landscapes - whether they are the cause or a result of other disturbances. We work to replace invasive species with native species and rebuild higher-functioning ecosystems.

Our Mission

We want to help create a landscape where visitors and caretakers are committed to enhancing natural resources.  We do this by sharing our experience, enthusiasm, and our hands.

What We Do

The focus of our research and outreach includes

  •  invasive weed management
  •  release and propagation of native plant species
  •  work prioritization, treatment prescription, and habitat quality progress metrics
  •  classroom and operational training

Our Partners

Our primary supporter and collaborator is the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of State Parks.

We also have the privilege of working with Penn State Extension, other state agencies, conservancies, NGOs, vegetation management product manufacturers and distributors, practitioners, and private landowners.

We have also received project funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and industrial grants.