This series was developed with PA DCNR-State Parks staff, to detail approaches and operational techniques to manage natural areas with an emphasis on optimizing habitat value.

The Benefits of Young Forest Habitat

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Focusing on enhancing early successional habitat, or 'young forest', is a useful framework to maintain the natural resources of Pennsylvania State Parks. Young Forest and the wildlife species that need it are threatened by development, invasive species, and changing land use. This fact sheet describes the benefits and introduces the management approaches to enhance and maintain young forest.

Managing Young Forest Habitat

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This bulletin reviews management priorities and operations to maintain and improve Young Forest habitat. An Integrated Pest Management apporoach is emphasized, focusing on clear objectives; integrating multiple approaches such as cultural, mechanical, biological, and herbicides; and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Herbicide Selection and Use

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Herbicides are an important tool in habitat management, and a lot of work can be accomplished with simple equipment and a limited number of products. This advisory provides an overview of the herbicides and application methods most useful for natural resource management.

Mow Less (And Get Away With It)

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Mowing lawn areas of a park can easily become a 'black hole' that devours staff time at the expense of other operations. By following simple guidelines that accommodate how grass grows, the operational aspects of mowing, and desires of park visitors, you can provide a pleasing landscape with less effort.