Credits may be applied toward requirements for the doctorate degree.

In accordance with guidelines set forth by the Graduate School, the following types of off-campus and transfer credits may be applied toward requirements for the Ph.D. degree:

  1. A maximum of 10 credits of high-quality graduate work (credits must be equivalent to 400-level or higher at Penn State) transferred from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or a recognized degree-granting international institution may be applied toward the requirements of a graduate degree. However, credits earned to complete a previous degree, whether at Penn State or elsewhere, may not be applied to a graduate degree program at Penn State, except for those students who are approved to double-count credits as part of an approved concurrent or integrated undergraduate-graduate degree, or those students approved by the Graduate School to receive a Master’s Degree Along the Way to a Ph.D. degree. For more information see: Graduate Admissions (
  2. A student may register for research performed away from the University Park Campus, provided it is approved by the faculty advisor and the Head of the AEPS graduate