Golf Course Fact Sheets

Summer annual grasses continue to be pervasive weed problems in many turfgrass areas throughout Pennsylvania.

Damping-off diseases occur as seed rots and blights of seedlings. This disease seldom occurs on grass planted in early fall or early spring.

In golf, successfully managed greens are often associated with speed. Speed alone, however, does not symbolize a good or healthy golf green. The ultimate fast green would be as hard as a rock, smooth as glass and void of grass. No golfer would want to play on this type of surface. The green would have no “feel” or “touch” and making a putt would be a function of luck.

Grass cutting is the major time-consuming operation in the maintenance of any turfgrass area. Good mowing practices are perhaps the most important single factor contributing to a well-groomed appearance and the longevity of any turfgrass area.