Center for Turfgrass Science

The Penn State Center for Turfgrass Science has been at the forefront of cutting edge turfgrass research for decades.

From the development of bentgrass varieties to the management of turfgrass pests, faculty continue to provide valuable management information for turfgrass managers worldwide.

Penn State Turfgrass Blog

Welcome the Class of 2020!
October 7, 2018
We're excited to welcome the 2-year program Class of 2020 to Penn State!
Pure Eclipse: A New Creeping Bentgrass from Penn State and Pure Seed Testing
September 23, 2018
Penn State has a long and storied history of creeping bentgrass varietal development for the golf course industry. Pure Eclipse is the latest varietal development from the Penn State creeping bentgrass germplasm resource.
PTC Names Graduate Fellowships for Three PSU Turfgrass Icons
September 9, 2018
To honor their contributions to the turfgrass and sports surface industries, the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council recently established three graduate fellowships in the College of Agricultural Sciences’ Department of Plant Science.