Students interested in the production of hemp have the opportunity to learn from our Introductory Cannabis Science class as well as several supporting classes in the Plant Sciences.

PLANT 240(GN): Fundamentals of Cannabis: An Introduction to the Botany, Cultivation, and Harvesting of Hemp

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PLANT 240: Fundamentals of Cannabis: An Introduction to the Botany, Cultivation, and Harvesting of Hemp (3 credits). Hemp is any Cannabis species that expresses THC at less than 0.3% This course provides a broad overview of hemp's natural ecosystem, biology, domestication, phenotypic plasticity, industrial cultivation, and business models within the hemp industry that foster bioeconomic empowerment for growers. The course starts with the basic biology of Cannabis species, the effects of light on the production of cannabinoids, the various uses in the economic fabric of industrialized nations, and concludes with what makes hemp a unique plant for industrial production. Despite the legalization of hemp, optimal conditions for indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis remain not well understood. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to basic principles, best horticultural practices, and specific concepts for getting started in industrial hemp production. Throughout this course, potential business opportunities are emphasized for various aspects of the hemp industry.

Supporting Classes

HORT 202: Plant Propagation

Plant propagation is the art and science of producing new plants. The process can be as simple as collecting seed and planting it, or as complicated as aseptic tissue culture of rescued embryo’s.

HORT 402W: Plant Nutrition

The course considers the mineral nutrition of higher plants from physiological, ecological, and agricultural perspectives. 

HORT 451: Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Basic concepts in plant and fish biology; nutrient and water use, cycling, and management; pest and pathogen management; and environmental factors as they relate to design and operation of hydroponic and aquaponic systems.