USDA / 2013-2020. This project uses the power of simulation modeling to provide farm operators information useful for adaptive management.

This project will develop SAMSS (Strategic Adaptive Management Support System), to manage cropping systems in Pennsylvania in the context of increasing climate variability. The project will integrate multiple cross-disciplinary models to compose the farm-level SAMSS: Cycles, a biophysical agro-ecosystems model, PIHM (Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Model), a hydrologic model, Hydroterre, a data resource, and a nested time-scale strategic management planning and decision model. The decision model will include feedbacks due to the regional impacts of climate on farm operations (Rob Weaver). Other modeling efforts include agronomic expertise (Charlie White, Armen Kemanian), biotic stresses (John Tooker), and hydrological modeling (Chris Duffy).