Giovani Stefani-Fae


PhD, graduated in 2019. Giovani Stefani-Fae is now a Researcher at EMBRAPA in Passo Fundo, Brazil. Giovani's work at Penn State merged his deep knowledge and experience in wheat and soybean systems, with interest in sustainable soil management. Giovani's work singled out field measured hydraulic saturated conductivity as powerful indicator of soil productivity (or soil quality) in Pennsylvania's agricultural soils.

Virginia Pravia

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PhD, graduated in 2017. Virginia Pravia is a Researcher in the Institute for Agricultural Research of Uruguay (INIA). Virginia's work addressed the sustainability of crop-pasture systems and included modeling and stable isotope work to trace both nitrogen and carbon cycling in soils. Her PhD demonstrated that carbon saturation can explain variations in carbon retention efficiency in soils.

Debasish Saha

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PhD, graduated in 2015. Debasish Saha was a Soils major advised by Armen Kemanian and co-advised by Jason Kaye (Biogeochemistry Dual Title program). Debasish focused on landscape control of nitrous oxide emission in energy crops (PhD), and organic agriculture (Penn State postdoc). During his time at Penn State Debasish won multiple awards. He is currently Assistant Professor of Soil Science at the University of Tennessee.

Charlie White

Charlie White, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management Extension Specialist

PhD, graduated in 2015. Charlie White was a Soils major advised by Jason Kaye and co-advised by Armen Kemanian (Biogeochemistry Dual Title program). A scientist with a broad background, Charlie has published original work on modeling the coupled carbon and nitrogen cycling with particular consideration to soil organic mater and cover crops. White is currently Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management in the Department of Plant Science at Penn State.

Sebastian Mazzilli

Sebastian Mazzilli

PhD, graduated in 2014. Sebastian is a junior Faculty at the University in Uruguay and Chief Agronomist of one of the largest agricultural producers' association in Uruguay. Sebastian published ground breaking work on soil carbon cycling in no-till system in temperate South America.

Gustavo Camargo

Gustavo Camargo

PhD, graduated in 2015. Gustavo focuses now on applications of models and decision support systems in agriculture in the private sector, with the aim of developing sustainable practices.

Maria Laura Cangiano

Maria Laura Cangiano

MSc, graduated in 2015. After two productive years as Fulbright Fellow in our lab, Maria Laura is now preparing manuscripts emerging from her research in carbon and water fluxes in annual crops and woody perennial systems. She currently holds a position as Junior Faculty in Agricultural Chemistry in the Department of Agricultural Ciences of the San Luis University in Argentina (Universidad Nacional de San Luis).