Funded Projects

Funded project details, investigators, and partners.

USDA-NIFA ORG 2019 - 2022. Award# 2019-51106-30189. PI: Armen R. Kemanian Co-PIs: Felipe Montes, Jason P. Kaye and Ron Hoover. Funded by the USDA NIFA, this project seeks to use smart tillage to reduce N2O emissions from organic systems relying on incorporating manure and cover crops.

USDA-NIFA 2018 - 2021. PI (Penn State) Armen R. Kemanian, co-PI Sarah Wurzbacher. Award to Cornell (PI Larry Smart) Using UAV based imaging, this project seeks to quickly phenotype willow cultivars and monitor pests, weeds and other agronomic variables of interest to advance shrub willow cultivation.

USDA-NIFA Foundational Program 2016 - 2021. Award# 2016-67019-25209. PI John Tooker, Co-PIs: Armen R. Kemanian and Gregory Roth Polycultures and managed biodiversity can improve corn silage and wheat productivity, resilience to abiotic and biotic stresses, and the environment.

DoE Bioenergy Technologies Office / 2015-2021. PI (Penn State) Tom Richard, Co-PI: Armen R. Kemanian. DoE Award to Antares Group Incorporated (PI Kevin Comer). Smart landscape placement of perennial biomass and bioenergy crops and reduces fertilizer inputs where not needed can improve the economic and environmental metrics of production systems.

NSF / 2014-17. Project Directors: Armen Kemanian and Laura Leites

USDA, 2014 - 2019. This project focuses on the science and management of organic systems.

USEPA / 2013-16. This project focuses on the physical science, institutional action and community involvement needed to conserve and restore ecosystem services in agriculturally intense watersheds.

USDA / 2013-2020. This project uses the power of simulation modeling to provide farm operators information useful for adaptive management.

USDA / 2012-17. Project Director: Tom Richard, Director of the Penn State Institutes of Energy and Environment.

USDOT / 2011-14. PI: Larry Smart, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University.

USDA / 2012-14. Project Director: Armen Kemanian. This project seeks to improve our understanding of the competition for resources in plant communities with mixed species.

USDA / 2013-17. This project seeks to improve nutrient management in corn in the mid-Atlantic region.