The web is your friend as you learn to use R. The R user community is large, friendly, and usually very helpful*. We often have a search engine window open as we work in R to look up new functions and packages or to figure out what error messages mean.

* Do take time to read the posting guidelines before posting to the R help forums though - providing the community with enough information for them to help you is important!

Installing R - Go to and download the
appropriate file (or if you are using a major Linux distribution, you
can install from the repositories).

RStudio (Gui for R) - Provides easy to use platform for using R. We're sold on it - it makes using R way easier! ( - a google powered search engine for R. Makes finding help

Statistics: An Introduction using R. Michael J Crawley. 2005. John
Wiley and Sons. Good basic intro, we often refer to this.

Simple R: An introductory textbook in pdf format.