Lab students are encouraged to use R for statistics and graphing. Come here to learn with us.

R is a free statistical scripting language that is expanding in popularity in the sciences. However, R sports a command line interface (so do expensive ones like SAS) and R does have a high learning curve. Learning bit by bit will allow you to improve your abilities gradually. Quickly you can learn to import your data, do simple summary statistics, and simple statistical analyses. R also has publication quality graphing abilities that you can learn.

Here we'll post scripts and resources that may be helpful, especially for dealing with data in our research field (often in real ag fields!).

Another resource that may be helpful for using R is this online course that is taught by Eric Nord in the Department of Statistics here at PSU.

Introduction to R and Running an ANOVA by Jouke Postma
Making Graphs with R
Script with Some Beginners Examples as Presented by Eric Nord
Means and Standard Errors the Easy Way
Useful Resources on the Web