Shovelomics: High Throughput Phenotyping of Root System Architecture

The basic idea of evaluating the root crown of field crops is to estimate the growth, development, and architecture of principal roots near the base of the shoot. Root crowns may be evaluated directly in the field, or rinsed and stored for more detailed analysis in the lab. In our experience a number of important root traits may be rapidly assessed from roots excavated and phenotyped.

This shows root crown phenotyping of the common bean root system.

This shows the process of root crown phenotyping for the maize root system

PDF, 38.0 kB

The Maize Shovelomics scoreboard (PDF, 11"x17") is provided here as a resource for phenotyping root crowns in the field. Please use appropriate settings to ensure to-scale printing. (Under Printer Options - Size, choose "Actual Size". Under Advanced, select "Print as Image". In Page Setup - 11x17, Landscape. Do not to select "Constrain proportions" or "Fit to scale" in any option menu. Lamination is recommended.)