Discovery of root architectural and anatomical maize genes


     Malcolm Bennett, University of Nottingham

     Shawn Kaeppler, University of Wisconsin

     Natalia De Leon, University of Wisconsin

     Tony Bishopp, University of Nottingham

     Kathleen Brown, Penn State University

Post-docs, students, staff:

     Dayane Lima, Postdoc, University of Wisconsin

     Vai Sa Nee Lor, Postdoc, University of Wisconsin

     Riccardo Fusi, PhD student, University of Nottingham

     Miranda Niemiec, PhD student, Penn State University

     Jagdeep Singh Sidhu, PhD student , Penn State University

     Alden Perkins, Masters student, Penn State University

     Rachel Perry, Technician, University of Wisconsin


DeepGenes incorporates genes and traits related to root architecture, anatomy, and deep rooting discovered through phenotyping and LEADER into genomic selection models. Initial gene discovery was completed through GWAS of the Wisconsin Diversity panel of inbreds. Multiple genes are in various stages of validation through mutant and transgenic studies. A genomic selection model is being developed through phenotyping two panels of hybrids grown under nitrogen and water stress conditions. This model will select for the genetic structure underlying a suite of traits that we identify as being “carbon optimized.”

Mutant lines target genes controlling maize root traits