Disease Management

Turfgrass pathology is a primary focus of our lab. Since 1998, Dr. Kaminski has been involved in the identification of four new pests associated with golf course turfgrass.

Pythium patch is a new and developing turfgrass disease problem. The pathogen(s) involved selectively target annual bluegrass on golf course putting greens.

Thatch collapse is a new disease of golf course turf. The causal agent was identified in our lab and determined to be Sphaerobolus stellatus.

Dollar spot is the number one disease of turfgrass around the world. Our lab investigates the biology of the pathogen as well as the epidemiology and management of the disease.

Brown ring patch is a common disease on annual bluegrass that became widespread around 2005. In collaboration with other labs, our research helped to identify the causal agent and better understand management of the disease.

Dead spot (aka, Bentgrass Dead Spot) was a new disease discovered in 1998. Our research helped to identify the biology of Ophiosphaerella agrostis and epidemiology of the disease.