The Turfgrass Pest Diagnostic Lab provides rapid diagnostics of turfgrass diseases, insects and weeds for commercial turfgrass managers throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide quick and accurate diagnoses and pest control recommendations where needed.

This service is designed for managers of high quality turfgrass such as athletic fields, golf courses and sod farms. The primary difference between our service and other similar services is a rapid turnaround time and the direct involvement of turfgrass diagnostic experts. For this reason, it is always important to call (814-863-0918) PRIOR TO SENDING samples to make sure that the lab is accepting samples.

The price is $100 for in-state samples and $150 for out-of-state samples. These fees cover a prioritized diagnosis within 24 hours of receiving your sample, a full diagnostic report with information on the diagnosed pest(s) and any control recommendations, and access to trained turfgrass experts to answer any questions you may have.

Turfgrass Sample Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit generous amounts of plant material from the edge of the damaged area (or individual weeds or insects) representing a range of symptoms (part dead part healthy). Two cup cutter plugs are usually sufficient. Aeration cores are not.
  2. Don't add water. Samples should be wrapped in aluminum foil, newspaper, paper towel, etc. Do not place samples in plastic bags. Ensure that soil is secure and not able to mix with turfgrass tissues during the shipping process.
  3. Deliver or ship samples via express courier immediately after collecting. Do not send samples if collected more than 12 hours prior to shipping. Collect new samples.
  4. Please send any supporting information that will help us better understand the situation. Information and images can be emailed to or images can help as well and should be uploaded here .
  5. Samples cannot be received on Saturday or Sunday; ship accordingly.
  6. Dr. John Kaminski is the Penn State faculty contact overseeing this service. You may contact Dr. Kaminski's Lab to advise when samples have been sent or for questions regarding this service.

Ship Samples Overnight or Hand Deliver to

Turfgrass Pest Diagnostic Lab
Penn State
11 Tyson Building
1971 Shortlidge Road
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-0918