Recovery from winterkill can be difficult when temperatures are cold in the spring. This undergraduate research project looked to identify commercially available bentgrass cultivars capable of germinating at lower temperatures.

Winterkill is a severe problem on golf courses throughout the Northern United States. In situations where turfgrass is killed, reseeding may be necessary. Little information is available on the influence of temperatures on the germination potential of various commercially available bentgrass cultivars. The objectives of this research was to identify bentgrass cultivars that are more likely to germinate in colder temperatures typical at the time of a spring overseeding following winterkill on a golf course putting green.

Carroll, D., and J.E. Kaminski. 2016. Germination timing and percentages among bentgrass cultivars. Undergraduate Research Contest. ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meetings. Read Abstract.

Germination of Bentgrass (PowerPoint)

Presentation from the Crop Science Society based on preliminary bentgrass seedling germination data.