The College of Agricultural Sciences provides greenhouse and controlled-environment plant growth facilities.

The College of Agricultural Sciences greenhouses and plant growth facilities are conveniently located adjacent to Tyson and Agricultural Sciences and Industries buildings on the Penn State campus, with a smaller satellite unit on University Drive. Facilities include 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space, controlled environment growing compartments and an outdoor growing area. The associated Headhouse complexes support plant growth, teaching and research activities.

Research greenhouse space includes 22,000 square feet (21 compartments) of facilities with Wadsworth and Microgrow climate controls and features supplemental lighting, shade curtains, humidification and fertigation systems. Facilities also include nine Conviron plant growth chambers, a 500 square foot artificially illuminated plant growth room, a misted propagation area, and outdoor growing areas with an experimental green roof.

Teaching facilities include 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space (9 compartments) and several classrooms and teaching laboratories in the adjacent Headhouses. The teaching greenhouse space features a Microgrow computer-based climate control system, supplemental lighting, flood and drain irrigation, and fertilizer injection systems. Additionally, a 3,000 square foot collection of economically relevant plants, an aquaponics system, and extensive outdoor gardens are maintained for teaching purposes.

The Headhouse complexes include common-use areas for media preparation and potting. Media sterilization equipment and two workshops for construction of experimental apparatus are available and several walk-in coolers are used to store flowers, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, scales, a soil and plant tissue grinding facility and forced-air drying ovens are available for experimental sample processing. Researchers also have convenient access to equipment and sample storage areas in the Headhouse.

The greenhouse staff provides a watering service, fertilizer application service, pots and growing media, and a biocontrol-based integrated pest management service to researchers and instructors. Staff is available to help plan and carry out greenhouse experiments and teaching projects and can also provide horticultural advice and guidance.

The greenhouse staff is committed to sustainable practices and safety. A composting and recycling program minimizes our waste stream and our integrated pest management program significantly reduces the frequency of pesticide applications.