Warren Bryan Mack


President of ASHS - 1945
PhB Lafayette College - 1915
B.Sc. Pennsylvania State College - 1921
MSc Massachusetts Agriculture College - 1924
Ph.D. John Hopkins University - 1929
ScD (hon.) Lafayette College - 1946

Warren Mack graduated from college with a Horticulture and Botany major and completed a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology. He was a high school teacher, tester for N. Y. Edison Co and instructed in Pomology at Massachusetts Agriculture College (1921) before joining the faculty of Horticulture at Pennsylvania State College as assistant professor of vegetable gardening (1924). He was promoted to associate professor (1925), professor (1934) and department head (1937).

Dr. Mack did extensive research in plant nutrition and published over 40 papers in this field as co-author with Dr. Walter Thomas. He also studied the bearing habit of apples, vegetable research production practices and vegetable nutrition and contributed many papers and articles to professional and technological journals. During World War II he played a leading role in the Victory Garden program.

Many honors were bestowed on him such as Fellow of AAAS and the election as Associate of the National Academy of Design (1944) since his interest extended beyond Horticulture into graphic arts. His excellent engraphings and woodcuts received world wide acclaim and were part of print collections of the Library of Congress, the Glasgow University of Scotland, the Fogg Museum at Harvard University and the New York Public Library. Today there are over 200 of his prints in the Mack Collection of the Pennsylvania State University and many individuals own the much sought after originals.

Dr. Mack was a distinguished Horticulturist, Plant Physiologist, and Graphic Artist. His life and work exerted a profound and lasting influence on Horticultural practices and production. His death was caused by a coronary occlusion three weeks before his announced retirement with Professor Emeritus rank.