Our goal is to identify emerging problems facing the turfgrass industry and provide real-world solutions based on results of our research.

The turfgrass industry is constantly evolving with new challenges appearing annually. Our lab focuses on identifying key problems faced by golf course superintendents and others in the turfgrass industry, conducting basic and applied research trials to solve these issues, and providing cultural and chemical management solutions for end users.

While our lab focuses heavily on disease management and the identification of new and emerging diseases on golf courses, we conduct a wide range of studies related to golf course management.

Our Core Research Areas

  • Biology of new pathogens and epidemiology of emerging diseases
  • Management of annual bluegrass
  • Putting green playability and plant health
  • Cultural and chemical management of turfgrass diseases
  • Utilization of emerging technologies

We welcome prospective graduate students and collaborators interested in novel, multidisciplinary research that seeks to solve real-world problems.

Our Team

  • Dr. John Kaminski, Professor
  • Mr. Tim Lulis, Research Assistant
  • Mr. Travis Russell, Ph.D. Candidate (Pythium patch)
  • Mr. Kaiyuan Tang, Ph.D. Candidate (Poa annua)
  • Ms. Maureen Kahiu, M.S. Candidate (Disease Management)
  • Ms. Shannon Hunsberger, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Mr. Kyle Zampogna, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Ms. Jessica Shi, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Ms. Hannah Morrissey, Undergraduate Social Media Manager

Our work involves a number of graduate students and colleagues at Penn State, and collaborators from other institutions. For more information on our lab or research opportunities, please contact Dr. Kaminski.

Former Graduate Students

  • Amy Baetsen, M.S. (Thatch collapse)
  • Devon Carroll, M.S. (Annual bluegrass winterkill)
  • Kyung Han, M.S. (Annual bluegrass management)
  • Yu Huang, M.S. (Dollar spot)
  • Alex Putman, M.S. (Dollar spot)
  • Cameron Stephens, M.S. (Dollar spot)

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Ms. Devon Carroll
  • Mr. Rijul Bhimwal
  • Ms. Kristy Fu
  • Mr. Ryan Hill
  • Ms. Emily Milligan