Graduate Thesis Adviser

Dr. Donald Fosket
University of California, Irvine Donald Fosket
Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

Don is a true cell biologist, who has studied the plant cytoskeleton for many years. Don influenced me with his devotion to cell biology and through giving me the freedom to be independent in my research, which allowed me to develop my creativity. Don allowed me to begin molecular cloning work in his lab for the first time, although we had no equipment or experience in that field, which was a brave thing for him, I only burned one hole in a lab bench the entire five years! Thanks for the freedom Don.

Research Adviser/Host

Dr. Jeff Schell
Former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Jeff Schell Research in Koln, Germany

Pioneer in the field of Agrobacterium plant transformation.
Jeff invited me to spend a semester in his lab in Koln, to learn the newly developed method of plant transformation via Agrobacterium. One meeting with Jeff changed the course of my entire thesis, and my career. Working in Jeff's lab was a highlight of my graduate work, and also exposed me to life in Europe, which would also change my perspective on many things. Thanks for everything Jeff.


Dr. Jeff Velten
Plant Stress and Germplasm Development Research Jeff Veltren
USDA- Lubbock, TX.

At the time, a postdoc in Jeff Schell's lab, Jeff, the CloneMaster, and his wife Lori, took me under their arms and adopted me as their struggling prodigy, and taught me all I know about DNA cloning in four months. Their generous hospitality and help influenced more then they would ever know in the years to come, each time I design a new plasmid I think of the way Jeff taught me to do it. Thanks Jeff and Lori.

Postdoctoral Adviser

Tim Hall
Department of Biology, Timothy Hall
Texas A&M University

Tim is also one of the pioneers of plant molecular biology and one of the first to perform plant transformations. His group isolated the first plant genomic fragment (gene) the bean phaseolin gene, which today stands as a leading system in understanding gene regulation in plants, thanks to Tim's groups work and others. Tim influenced me again by supporting my independent thinking. I remember talking him into letting me perform the first DNA binding experiments with the phaseolin promoter. He was skeptical, but allowed me to proceed, eventually to some success followed later by others in his lab to major discoveries. Thanks Tim.

Postdoctoral Adviser

Ralph Quatrano
Department of Biology, Ralph Quantrano
Washington University, St. Louis

In addition to being a leader in developmental biology using algae Fucus as a model system, Ralph's group has pioneered studies in ABA responses within seeds at both the physiological and molecular levels. Ralph has served many roles, Plant Cell Editor, ASPP President, Dept Head, ect ect. His greatest influence on me is his interactivity and collaborative spirit, which permeated the lab, along with the ability to always see the big picture and make long intellectual leaps. Ralph is also the Godfather of my son, so I know I can always ask him to make me an offer I cant refuse. Thanks Ralph

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