Penn State faculty are dedicated to providing the best possible educational opportunties to students in the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program.

Jeffrey A. Borger (M.S. The Pennsylvania State University), Instructor in Turfgrass Weed Management. Mr. Borger is the principle instructor of weed science and turfgrass maintenance.

Robin Brandt, Teaches all phases of soil, water, and waste management. Research interests include sedimentation basins and green roofs.

Rick Capozzi

Bree Hayes (Ph.D.), Instructor in Human Relations. Dr. Hayes is President of the Hyland Group and instructs several classes including Team Building, Managing Across Generations, Human Relations, and others.

Tracey L. Harpster (M.S. Horticulture, The Pennsylvania State University), Ms. Harpster teaches identification of trees and shrubs.

David R. Huff (Ph.D. University of California), Professor of Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics. Dr. Huff teaches turfgrass growth and development in community dynamics in both the four-year and two-year programs and researches turfgrass breeding and genetics and the development of turfgrass varieties for multiple uses.

John E. Kaminski (Ph.D. University of Maryland), Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science & Director, Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program. Teaches various courses in turfgrass management, renovation and construction, communications, and coordinates the internship program.

Danny Kline, Instructor of Entomology. Instructor for courses taught in the two-year, four-year, and Penn State World Campus turfgrass programs. Research focuses on the biology and management of turfgrass insects. Extension programs focus on turfgrass IPM.

Paul G. Knight is a Senior Lecturer in Meteorology and The Pennsylvania State Climatologist.  The course, Meteorology 901A, offers the Turfgrass Management students an opportunity to better connect the weather with the rigors of their future career. Fundamentals of the atmosphere are explored and a real-time forecast contest affords the class an inside look into weather prediction. 

Peter Landschoot (Ph.D. University of Rhode Island), Professor of Turfgrass Management. 

Andrew S. McNitt (Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University), Professor of Soil Science. Teaches soil physical properties and conducts research relating to athletic field and golf green construction.

Richard Pagett (B.S., The Pennsylvania State University) is an Instructor of Business Management. 

Dianne Petrunak (M.S. The Pennsylvania State University), Instructor of Botany for Turfgrass Science.

Maxim J. Schlossberg (Ph.D. Georgia), Associate Professor of Turfgrass Nutrition.  Dr. Schlossberg teaches and conducts research in soil fertility and soil chemistry at Penn State, particularly in regards to turfgrass health and environmental quality. 

Wakar Uddin (Ph.D. University of Georgia), Associate Professor of Plant Pathology. Responsible for developing research programs related to turfgrass disease management. He teaches PPATH902A