Kristen Althouse teaches Introduction to Botany (BOT 902A).

Bree Hayes (Ph.D.) (Instructor in Human Relations and President of The Hayes Group Consulting, LLC) teaches Effective Team Building (MGMT 905A).

David R. Huff (Ph.D., University of California) Professor of Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics. Dr. Huff teaches turfgrass growth and development in community dynamics in both the four-year and two-year programs and researches turfgrass breeding and genetics and the development of turfgrass varieties for multiple uses. He teaches Turfgrass Biology (TURF 936A).

Joseph Hughes, (Manager, Penn State Golf Courses) teaches Golf Appreciation (TURF 937A).

Kyle Imhoff, (Assistant State Climatologist, The Pennsylvania State University) teaches Introduction to Meteorology (METEO 901A).

Bradley Jakubowski, (Instructor in Plant Science, The Pennsylvania State University) teaches Irrigation Management (ASM 902B).

John E. Kaminski (Ph.D., University of Maryland), Professor of Turfgrass Science & Director, Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program. Teaches courses in turfgrass management, disease management and coordinates the internship program. He teaches COMP 901A, PPATH 912A, TURF 911A, TURF 925A, TURF 926A, TURF 927A, and TURF 935A.

Peter Landschoot (Ph.D. University of Rhode Island), Professor of Turfgrass Management, teaches Weed Control in Turfgrass (TURF 923A) and Case Studies in Golf Turf Management (TURF 956A).

Tim Lulis, (M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, Teaching and Research Assistant in Plant Science) teaches Mathematics for the Turfgrass Industry (MATH 901A) and Turfgrass Construction & Renovation (TURF 924A).

Leslie Robertson Mateer, Associate Teaching Professor of English and Assistant Director, The Penn State Digital English Studio, is the instructor for COMM 901B, Written Communication Skills.

Bethany Mathie teaches Introduction to Human Resource Management (MGMT 906A) and Essentials of Human Resource Management (MGMT 907A).

Ben McGraw (Ph.D., Rutgers University), Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science. His areas of expertise focus on Turfgrass Entomology, Biological Control and Insect Ecology. He teaches Cool-Season and Warm-Season Turf Arthropods (ENT 952A).

William Myers VI (Agricultural Operations Specialist, The Pennsylvania State University), teaches Turfgrass Machines and Maintenance (ASM 902A).

Richard Pagett (B.S., The Pennsylvania State University) Instructor of Business Management teaches Financial Management and Accounting (BUSINESS 901A).

Miguel Ramírez-Bernal is an Associate Teaching Professor of Spanish and teaches Introduction to Spanish (SPAN 901A).

James Savage is a horticulture instructor in the Department of Plant Science. He teaches Dendrology (HORT 903A) and Practical Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs (HORT 904A).

Max Schlossberg (Ph.D., University of Georgia), Associate Professor of Turfgrass Nutrition. Dr. Schlossberg teaches and conducts research in soil fertility and soil chemistry at Penn State, particularly in regards to turfgrass health and environmental quality. He teaches Introduction to Soils (SOILS 901A) and Turfgrass Nutrition (SOILS 922A).

Rachael Lyon Wiley (Associate Teaching Professor of English, The Pennsylvania State University) teaches Verbal Communication Skills (COMM 901A).