Students within the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program take classes according to this schedule over four eight-week terms (subject to adjustment).

Term 1 (September - November)

ASM 902B (3) Irrigation Management

BOT 902A (3) Introduction to Botany

COMP 901A (3) Basic & Advanced Functions of Computers

MGMT 905A (1) Effective Team Building

SOILS 901A (3) Introduction to Soils

TURF 926A (2) Internship Preparation

TURF 935A (4) Turfgrass Cultural Practices

TURF 936A (4) Turfgrass Biology

TURF 981A (1) Contemporary Lectures

Total = 24 credits

Term 2 (January - March)

ASM 902A (3) Turfgrass Machines and Maintenance

COMM 901B (3) Written Communication Skills

MATH 901A (3) Mathematics for the Turfgrass Industry

METEO 901A (2) Introduction to Meteorology

MGMT 906A (1.5)  Introduction to Human Resource Management

SOILS 921A (4) Physical Properties of Soils

SPAN 901A (3) Introduction to Spanish

TURF 911A (2) Special Topics in Turfgrass

TURF 982A (1) Contemporary Lectures

Total = 22.5 credits

Summer Internship (March - September)

One of the most important components of the Penn State Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program is the extended 6-month internship that students complete between their first and second year on campus.

Term 3 (September - November)

COMM 901A (3) Verbal Communication Skills

ENT 952A (4)  Cool Season & Warm-Season Turf Arthropods

HORT 903A (3.5) Dendrology

PPATH 912A (3) Turfgrass Disease Management

TURF 923A (4) Weed Control in Turfgrass

TURF 924A (4) Turfgrass Construction & Renovation

TURF 937A (2) Golf Appreciation

TURF 983A (1) Contemporary Lectures

Total = 24.5 credits

Term 4 (January - March)

BUS 901A (3) Financial Management and Accounting

HORT 904A (1.5)  Practical Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs

MGMT 902A (1)  Professional Etiquette

MGMT 907A (1.5) Essentials of Human Resource Management

SOILS 922A (3) Turfgrass Nutrition

TURF 925A (3) Turfgrass Cultural Systems

TURF 927A (4) Turfgrass Internship

TURF 956A (3) Case Studies in Golf Turf Management

TURF 984A (1) Contemporary Lectures

Total = 21 credits