Check here for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. This section covers everything from the requirements to enroll in the program to what life is like on campus.

What experience do I need to get into the program?

Entrance requirements for the 2-year program vary depending on each individual, but at least one year of practical experience on a golf course or related experience in the turfgrass industry is required. Proven success in one or more college courses also improves a student's chances of being accepted.

What type of job can I get when I graduate?

Job placement for graduating students is nearly 100% with most graduates finding work on a golf course. Depending on past experience and performance within the program, students obtain positions as 1st or 2nd Assistant Superintendent, Spray Tech, or some other entry-level supervisory position.

Does Penn State assist me in finding job?

Yes! With over 1700 alumni at golf courses throughout the world, the 2-year program has an expansive list of work opportunities following graduation. We also host a Job Fair at the Penn State Golf Turf Conference each November which serves as an excellent opportunity for students to find employment prior to graduation.

What does it cost to attend Penn State's 2-Year Program?

Tuition costs, room and board, and associated fees vary each year. The current costs associated with this "investment in your future" can be found within the Cost of Attending section of the site.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Various forms of financial aid are available and more details can be found in the Financial Assistance section. In addition to student loans, the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program has several scholarships awarded to outstanding students upon graduation.

Do I have to find my own housing?

Housing is available for all students in the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program and is arranged by us prior to your arrival. We work with Penn State housing to acquire and provide suitable housing for the duration of your stay.

Can I work in the United States as an international student?

International students may work in the United States for a period of one and a half years. Six months of this time is required as part of the on-the-job training for the program. Upon successful graduation from the program, international students often spend another year gaining valuable experience at another golf facility in the United States.

What is a typical semester schedule like?

There are four total semesters and each consists of 8 weeks of classes. Classes are held on the University Park campus and are generally scheduled throughout the day Monday through Friday. Classes are also occasionally scheduled on the weekends.

What if I want to take classes online?

The Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program is an 18-month on-campus educational program and does not offer online classes. Our program encourages face-to-face interaction and utilizes hands-on learning to educate future golf course superintendents.

What is the difference between attending classes at Penn State and the online program?

Students in the program on campus benefit from additional classes not offered in the online program including written and oral communication, mechanics, business management and various other classes. Students also benefit from the face to face contact with turfgrass faculty and other students as well as being a part of the Penn State experience only available on campus!

What is life like for students at Penn State?

They don't call it Happy Valley for nothing. The Penn State campus and the town of State College is one of the most vibrant college towns in the country. With numerous shops, restaurants and bars, concerts, and other activities State College has something for everyone. Oh, and let's not forget Penn State football!