Posted: August 23, 2017

Two new graduate students have started in our program. We are pleased to be joined by Francisco Melendez Burns, from Peru and Johan Rubio from Colombia who are enrolled in a Ph.D. in Plant Biology and MS in Horticultural Science degrees respectively and will be co-advised by Siela Maximova and Mark Guiltinan. In addition, three new graduate students working on cacao as part of the Cacao for Peace program have also started graduate programs at Penn State with our collaborators. Very excited to be joined by:

Alejandro Gil Aguirre (M.S. candidate in Agricultural and Extension Education)/ Advisor: Mark Brennan

Lina Marcela Tami Barrera (M.S. candidate in Rural Sociology) / Interim Advisors: Leland Glenna and/ or Leif Jensen

Jhony Armando Benavides Bolanos (M.S. candidate in Soils)/ Advisor Patrick Drohan

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