A recent Roots Lab publication on bean root architecture was highlighted in the Crop Science Society of America

Jonathan Lynch was included on the 2019 list of one of the most highly cited researchers in the sciences

Jonathan Lynch received the life-time honor of AAAS Fellow this year.

Chris Strock's 3D maize root images were included on the cover of the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany

A recent Roots Lab paper on laser ablation tomography and root pathogen/microbe imaging is highlighted in Penn State News

DEEPER Project Manager and Post-doc, Molly Hanlon, received the 2019 Outstanding Post-Doc Award

Alden Perkins and Stephanie Klein designed a demo for the Millennium Scholars at the Roots Lab fields

Dr. Jonathan Lynch, Post-doc Chris Black, and Ph.D. student Ernst Schafer presented recent modeling work at SEB Seville 2019

Ph.D. students Stephanie Klein and Jenna Reeger recently presented posters on their work at Plant Vascular Biology.

The "Tasty Mozambique" cookbook was recently released, highlighting local bean recipes.

The ROOTS initiative, with a focus on DEEPER, was covered in the latest issue of BioScience

Jonathan Lynch visited Master's students at the University of Nottingham to introduce root phenotyping methods

At the annual Newton Fund Project Meeting, Phanchita Vejchasarn presented this poster on Rhizo-Rice in January 2019.

Dr. Amelia Henry listed Dr. Kathleen Brown as one of the "Queens of Rice Science" in a recent article

In 2018 the DIRT paper ranked #4 highest allometric score of all Plant Physiology papers this year

Members of the DEEPER team traveled to Tuscon, AZ to the 2019 Phenome Meeting

The report features the outcomes of the Feed the Future project to create phosphorus-efficient bean varieties in Mozambique

Tania Galindo-CastaƱeda received the INRA Early Career Award and presented a talk and poster at International Phytobiomes Conference 2018