Roots lab research focus of podcast from West German Public Radio

German language discussion of the recent discovery of MCS starting at 01:10:40

Newly discovered trait helps plants grow deeper roots in dry, compacted soils | Penn State University

A previously unknown root trait allows some cereal plants to grow deeper roots capable of punching through dry, hard, compacted soils, according to Penn State researchers, who suggest that harnessing the inherited characteristic could lead to crops better able to deal with a changing climate.

CSA news article on Roots Lab work with bean breeding

CSA news highlights Roots lab efforts in breeding better beans for Africa, focusing on two recent papers in Crop Science

Jagdeep Sidhu Receives College Research Funding

Jagdeep Sidhu has secured $3000 funding from the College of Agricultural Sciences Graduate Student Competitive Grant Program sponsored by the College of Agricultural Science’s Office for Research and Graduate Education. He will using these funds to investigate how root cortical cell size regulates root metabolic cost.

Jonathan Lynch recognized as Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate

The 2020 Highly Cited Researchers list features researchers who have demonstrated considerable influence in their chosen field through publication of multiple works that have been cited by a significant number of their peers during the last decade.

Graduate student receives special award for early career contributions to ASPB

Stephanie Klein awarded ASPB early career contributor

LAT root image wins photo competition of Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research

Mohamed Hazam's sweet corn root image won an award from the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research

Graduate student awarded Outstanding Agricultural Graduate Student Award from AASIO

PhD student Jagdeep Sidhu was awarded Outstanding Agricultural Graduate Student Award from the AASIO

News story on bean root architecture reaches 6 million people, worth $240,000

News story highlighting lab publication on bean root architecture reaches almost 6 million viewers

Bean root architecture results highlighted in CSSA News

A recent Roots Lab publication on bean root architecture was highlighted in the Crop Science Society of America

Field work proceeds with physical distancing, safety precautions