Physical Properties of Soils for Turfgrass

Dr. Andrew McNitt

Course Description

Characterization of soil physical properties for the establishment and maintenance of sports turf; includes root-zone construction. This course builds on introductory turfgrass and soil courses. In this course you will learn to interpret soil physical results using the United States Golf Association specifications for greens construction. You will learn how to evaluate and manipulate the physical properties of a soil in order to provide a quality turfgrass stand under varying conditions. You will use new information as well as physical and quantitative tools provided to aid in soil management decisions. You will defend your decisions to other students in group-exercises conducted on a computer bulletin board. You will also submit your decision making process and defend your decisions in writing, in the form of business proposals. This class has a series of labs, some of which run over several weeks. You will use class material and the physical and quantitative tools learned in the labs to inform your decision-making processes. Your grade will be based on exams, lab reports, and practicums. The practicums and the labs are interrelated. The practicums, which are mini-case studies of actual turfgrass situations and problems, require you to apply techniques and information learned in the physical lab periods.

Units/Credits: 4

Term Offered: Spring

Required Text: No required text.

Syllabus: Link to syllabus.