I am a Ph.D. student conducting research in the Weed Science Department at the University of Hohenheim in Germany. I am member of the Information Techniques for Precision Crop Protection Training Group, a research and training program of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

I am interested in weed biology with particular emphasis on population dynamics of weeds. My research focuses on specifying the decision algorithms of weed control. I am quantifying the spatial and temporal weed population dynamics of annual weeds and integrating this information into decision algorithms for site-specific weed management.

In an on-farm research experiment, I am following various weed species under the influence of site specific weed control using a geographical information system (GIS) to analyze decision rules for herbicide application under varying in-field soil quality. Using a long-term dataset, I am estimating the effects of the long-ranging site-specific weed management on weed population dynamics to determine whether the profitability of site-specific weed management remain stable over multiple years.

Prior to my doctoral studies, I earned my Diplom degree in Agricultural Biology at the University of Hohenheim, with an emphasis in seed science and technology, plant protection and horticulture. Aside from work I like to travel around the world, meet friends, exercise and go to the movies.

I received an opportunity to be an exchange student for three month with Dr. Mortensen's lab to collaborate with him and his working group. I am very glad about the opportunity to spend some time in this lab! I had a very stimulating visit with close collaboration which generated new ideas for my work! I hope there is continuous collaboration.

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