I am currently a research associate at Oregon State University in the Department of Crop and Soil Science. Recently I have been working on the interacting effects of competition and herbivory on population growth rates of tansy ragwort. I am teaching Introduction to Weed Management at OSU and will be helping Dr. Andy Hulting (another Mortensen lab alumni) with weed extension talks in Oregon.

My work in Pennsylvania focused on the mechanisms and consequences of dispersal of horseweed, Conyza canadensis. Horseweed has wind dispersed seeds that are often transported long-distances (hundreds to thousands of meters) in air currents. I studied the rate of spread of horseweed in areas where some populations are resistant to the herbicides commonly used to manage it and how current weed management strategies may facilitate spread of the weed. The research is exciting because it combines ecology, modeling, and meteorology and challenges the current understanding of resistance management.

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