I worked with the Weed Ecology Lab on several sustainable agriculture studies while I completed my Ph.D. in Entomology (2007) at Penn State. I am now an assistant professor in the Biology Department at Long Island University in Brooklyn where I teach courses in ecology and biology, and conduct research in insect ecology. My research focuses on how anthropogenic activities influence insect diversity and insect-delivered ecosystem functions.

As part of my research at LIU, I have recently coordinated a network of Brooklyn community gardens to participate in an urban ecology study on native bee biodiversity. This research will be used to identify landscape management tools for conserving native bees in urban areas. Additionally this work will also serve to engage the members of the local community who are increasingly eager to learn about ecology, urban agriculture, and sustainable living systems.

I am still collaborating with the Weed Ecology lab on several projects investigating the relationship between plant communities (on multiple scales) and beneficial insects in agroecosystems. This includes describing ground beetle community dynamics at agricultural field margins, and understanding how landscape characteristics influence pollinator communities in mid-Atlantic tree fruit growing regions.

To learn more about me, or my research, please visit my website.

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