Invasive Species Research

Our lab’s interest in weedy plants in agroecosystems is paralleled by our work on invasive species in forest systems. We are studying population dynamics and spatial distributions of forest invasive species including Microstegium vimieum (Japanese stiltgrass).

Ongoing experiments with deliberately planted patches of Microstegium in different habitats are providing insight into small-scale population dynamics.

This illustrates the unexpectedly high amount of variation in Microstegium recruitment in four habitats.

The trajectory of a patch can change dramatically with small-scale habitat changes.

Ongoing experiments in the Rothrock State Forest evaluate the efficacy of various control measures in different habitats.

Monitoring Microstegium populations in the years following control events raised questions about the longevity of seeds in the seed bank.

The population parameters that we have collected in our field experiments are the basis for ongoing modeling work.

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