I was a post-doc in the Weed Ecology lab from 2001-2003. I was the fish guy among the plant people, having come from a degree in fisheries ecology & management at Miami before that. Studying spatial ecology of plants with Dave, Brian, and Joe helped me get back to the first principles of population ecology and opened my eyes to a lot of new possibilities. We had a short (but productive) run before I left for Virginia, where I'm now an Assistant Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies at Washington and Lee University. Here I teach undergraduate courses in Marine Biology, Ecological Modeling, Aquatic Ecology, and Watershed Management with a special focus on Chesapeake Bay (among others). I have also returned to studying fisheries management and fish ecology in research. I'm currently using trace element signatures in fish otoliths to track dispersal of fish between main-stem river and tributary systems, and am starting some genetic analyses on top of that to look at population-level consequences of dispersal and exchange. For more information on my latest research, check out my Web page.

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