Plant Science is a tight-knit, welcoming community of teachers and learners united by their fascination with the kingdom of flora. Students, faculty, and staff join to advance the science, business, and technical management of plant life and its use for food, fiber, sustainability, and quality of life.

Name Title Email Phone
Thomas Adams, Ph.D. Research Project Manager 814-867-3021
Kathleen Arrington Business Systems Analyst 814-863-0668
Rick Bates, Ph.D. Professor of Horticulture 814-863-2198
Tom Bettle Turf Research Facility Manager
Trevor Bowes Research Technologist 814-863-7957
Caio Brunharo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Weed Science 814-865-9552
Cassidy Bumbaugh Research Technologist 814-569-3194
Liana T Burghardt, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 814-863-6168
Daniela Carrijo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Grain Crop Production 814-863-2535
Mark Carroll Associate Professor, 301-405-1339
Michela Centinari, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Viticulture 814-867-0514
Radhika Chalam Research Technologist 814-863-7728
Manoj Chhetri Assistant Teaching Professor of Turfgrass Science
Surinder Chopra, Ph.D. Professor of Maize Genetics 814-865-1159
Erin L. Connolly, Ph.D. Professor and Department Head of Plant Science 814-865-2572
Alan Cook Farm Machinery Operator/ Mechanic 814-692-7955
Dennis R. Decoteau, Ph.D. Professor of Horticulture and Plant Ecosystem Health
Kathy Demchak Senior Extension Associate 814-863-2303
Cody Depew Research Technologist: Advanced Root Biology
Jeffrey F Derr Professor of Weed Science, 757-363-3912
Francesco Di Gioia, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Vegetable Crop Science 814-863-2195
Corey Dillon Manager, Agronomy Farm 814-692-7955
George Dills Farm Machinery Operator/Mechanic 814-692-7955
Scott Diloreto Greenhouse Manager
Francisco Dini Andreote Assistant Professor of Phytobiomes 814-863-2188
Chad Dreibelbis Horticulture Aide/Machine Operator Horticulture Research Farm
Sjoerd Willem Duiker, Ph.D., CCA Professor of Soil Management and Applied Soil Physics 814-863-7637
Luis Duque, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor in Storage Root Physiology 814-863-0710
Gary Felton Associate Professor, 301-405-8039
Leidy Fernandez Montiel Part-Time Research Assistant/Associate
Michael Fidanza, Ph.D. Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, 610-396-6330
Suzanne M. Fleishman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Root Biology
Majid R. Foolad, Ph.D. Professor of Plant Genetics 814-865-5408
Tarrah Geszvain Advising Coordinator, Plant Sciences and Landscape Contracting Majors 814-863-6087
Mike Goatley, Jr Professor, 540-231-2951
Sarah Goslee, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Agronomy, USDA-ARS 814-863-0887
Mark Guiltinan, Ph.D. J. Franklin Styer Professor of Horticultural Botany and Professor of Plant Molecular Biology 814-863-7957
Abbe Hamilton Research Technologist
Cain Hickey Assistant Teaching Professor of Viticulture
Stephanie Hill Graduate Support Coordinator 814-863-7724
Connor Hoffman Research Technologist - Plant Sciences 814-863-7887
Margaret C Hoffman, Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Landscape Contracting Major 814-863-6167
Ron Hoover Senior Project Associate 814-865-6672
David R. Huff, Ph.D. Professor of Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics 814-863-9805
Ethan Hull Research Technologist 2
Bradley Jakubowski Assistant Teaching Professor 814-865-7118
Jeff Jodon Research Technologist 814-865-1998
Jon Johnson Director of Pesticide Education 814-865-1074
John E. Kaminski, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Head, Department of Plant Science 814-865-3007
Heather Karsten, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Crop Production / Ecology 814-863-3179
Kathy Kelley, Ph.D. Professor of Horticultural Marketing and Business Management 814-863-2196
Armen R. Kemanian, Ph.D. Professor of Production Systems and Modeling 814-863-9852
Austin Kirt Horticulture Farm Manager 814-692-5262
Peter Kleinman, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor of Soil Science, USDA-ARS 814-865-3184
Shanthanu (Shan) Krishna Kumar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Tree Fruit 814-863-2251
Peter Landschoot, Ph.D. Professor of Turfgrass Science 814-863-1017
Diane Lehr Research Assistant 814-865-2571
Dwight D. Lingenfelter Extension Associate, Weed Science 814-865-2242
Kirsten Lloyd, Ph.D. Assistant Teaching Professor 814-863-2194
Carolyn Lowry, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 814-865-1906
Timothy Lulis Teaching and Research Assistant 814-865-0697
Jonathan Lynch, Ph.D. University Distinguished Professor 814-863-2256
Sally Mackenzie Lloyd and Dottie Huck Chair of Functional Genomics 814-863-8324
Siela Nikolova Maximova, Ph.D. Research Professor of Plant Biotechnology 814-867-2451
Evelyn Mayhew Financial Assistant 3 814-865-2573
Tosh Rung Mazzone Field and Forage Crops Extension Educator 717-263-9226
Martin McGann Associate Professor of Landscape Contracting 814-863-7595
Ben McGraw, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science 814-865-1138
Janice McMahon Building Coordinator 814-865-3236
Robert J Meinen Assistant Research Professor
Michael R. Mohney, PhD. Teaching Professor 814-865-6596
Felipe Montes, Ph.D Associate Research Professor 814-867-4612
Jennifer Morocko Administrative Support Assistant 3, Undergraduate Support 814-865-2571
Ben Morrison Research Technologist 814-863-2195
William Myers Ag Operations Specialist 2
Donald Orner Education Program Specialist 610-804-0010
Melanie Perryman Research Tech
Dianne Petrunak Academic Adviser, 814-863-0139
Leslie Pillen Associate Director, Farm and Food Systems 814-863-5116
Taran Rowles Research Technologist 2 814-865-0373
Mari Royer Department Head Assistant 814-863-2306
Chris Sanchez Agricultural Operations Specialist 2
Elsa Sánchez, Ph.D. Professor of Horticultural Systems Management 814-863-2433
David Sanford, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture 610-396-6161
James Savage Assistant Teaching Professor in Horticulture 814-863-7719
Ruairidh Sawers, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Plant Response to Abiotic Stress 814-863-2252
Max Schlossberg, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Turfgrass Nutrition/Soil Fertility 814-863-1015
James Schupp, Ph.D. Professor of Pomology 717-778-4588
Amanda Scott Financial Assistant 3 814-863-0207
Jim Sellmer, Ph.D. Professor of Horticulture 814-863-2250
Lena Sheaffer Assistant Research Professor 814-863-2257
Yuning Shi Associate Research Professor 814-865-7393
Katherine Shumac Research Support Technologist III 814-863-7725
Adana Smith Administrative Assistant 814-863-8960
Don Smith Research Technologist 814-692-7605
Dayton Spackman Research Technologist 814-441-9314
John T Spargo Associate Research Professor & 814-865-9155
Lori Stasko Administrative Support Coordinator 814-863-4765
Marianne Stevens Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program 814-863-0129
Erika Stover Proposal and Award Generalist 814-863-2189
Thomas Turner Associate Professor, 301-403-4431
John M. Wallace, PhD. Associate Professor of Weed Science 814-863-1014
Guojie Wang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Forage Crop Systems
Hanna Wells Extension Associate
Charles White Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management 814-863-1016
Ethan Whitmoyer Grain Crops Research Technologist 570-412-7089
Kaleb Wolfe Research Technician 814-867-3020
Jitao Zou Research Professor of Plant Lipid Metabolism and Abiotic Stress Response